All certified, clinical perfusionists are expected to recertify their license annually. In being recertified, the perfusionist demonstrates the desire to meet ABCP standards, and maintain current and exemplary knowledge in the field of perfusion.

Clinical Activity Reports are due August 1st of each year. Reports cover July 1st of the previous year, through June 30th of each new year.

A certified Clinical Perfusionist must maintain a minimum of 40 annual clinical activities.

Clinical activities include:
  • Cardiopulmonary Bypass
  • CPS
  • ECMO
  • Intraoperative Pump Standby
  • Instructor
  • VAD
  • Veno-Venous Coronary and/or Organ Perfusion
It is necessary to read over the stipulations for recertification in clinical activities. From these clinical activities, 15 procedures may be documented intraoperative pump standbys. Each documented standby must be documented in an audit. Each ECMO or VAD case will hold one credit for the initiation and maintenance of one shift. Each shift is a four hour minimum. If a shift is managed, it holds an eight hour minimum.

Professional Activity Reports must be filed every third year. The period of coverage for a Professional Activity Report is July 1st of the first year, through June 30th three years later. During each three-year reporting period, every Certified Clinical Perfusionist must earn a minimum of 45 Continuing Education Units. One CEU is considered for each 50 minutes spent in an organized, structured, or unstructured, learning environment.

Continuing Education Units are divided into various education categories. A perfusionist seeking recertification can participate in accredited perfusion meetings, non-accredited perfusion meetings, and individual self-studies. Each activity must be approved, with required documentation of the event.

In order for recertification to fully process, perfusionists must display reports of clinical and professional activity. Clinical activity is to be reported every year. Professional activity is filed every third year. Filing may be completed on-line through the ABCP Recertification Online Filing System.

For Extensions of Certification, Probationary Status, and Reinstatement of Certification, visit The American Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion.