Cardiovascular SurgerySealing of vascular anatomoses, protheses, patches, and epicardial bleeding
Mediastinal gel application
Control of bleeding with vascular graft material
Thoracic SurgeryControl of pneumothorax or pulmonary air leak
Realignment of trachael transection injury
Treatment of bronchopleural fistula
TraumaRepair of splenic injury
Repair of liver laceration
TransplantTransplant of partial hepatectomy specimen
UrologyRepair of renal laceration
Hemostatis and sealant for wound repair
Parenchymal sealant for prostatectomy
Plastic RepairFixation of skin or scalp degloving
Fixation of skin grafts and flaps
Blepharoplasty, brow, and face lifts
Decubitus ulcer treatment
Head and Neck; Ear and ThroatSeroma prevention in radical neck dissection
Tympanic membrane patch
Sinus procedures
Oral SurgeryFlap and graft procedures
Central Nervous System; Nerve RepairAdjuvant to repair of dural injury
Repair of perpheral nerve injury
Gastrointestinal SurgeryRepair of common bile duct injury
Adjuvant to repair of bowel anastomoses (possible)
Orthopedic SurgeryRepair of osteochondral fracture of Achilles tendon
Control of seroma/post-operative drainage with total hip/knee replacement

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