Autotransfusion is considered when blood loss from a clean, surgical wound is in excess of 20% or more. During the autotransfusion process, blood is salvaged, processed, and reinfused to the patient without complications. Autotransfusion is the safest form of blood transfusion a patient can receive.

Autotransfusion concentrates red blood cells free of activated platelets, activated clotting factors, activated compliments, extracellular potassium, and free hemoglobin. This process holds no risk of infectious disease transmission, and transfusion reactions. Since autotransfusion remains an immediate source of autogolous blood, it is accepted by Jehovah's Witnesses.

PerStats' employees are required to perform all aspects of autotransfusion in the operative and post-operative setting. Operative and post-operative functions, as directed by the attending physician include choosing, setting up, and operating autotransfusion systems. Autotransfusionists with PerStat initiate and maintain written documentation specific to intra-operative and post-operative autotransfusion to include specific equipment and supplies used, anticoagulant, wash solution, volume of blood processed, quality controls, personnel involved, and patient data.

PerStat Intraoperative Autotransfusion Specialists are required to assist with daily and weekly inventory, ordering and stocking of supplies, and equipment cleaning and maintenance/repair of autotransfusion systems. PerStat prides itself on proper disposal of used circuits and related supplies. We perform routine preventative maintenance on equipment to ensure proper functioning.

We pride ourselves on continuing Autotransfusion education. PerStat employee's are expected to evaluate new techniques and autotransfusion equipment in order to update policies and procedures related to blood conservation.