GPS® Platelet Concentrate System is an autologous separation process for deriving platelet rich plasma (PRP), and platelet poor plasma, from whole blood. The system adapts to the plasma/red cell interface with a floating buoy.

The proprietary, finely tuned buoy mechanism is engineered to separate the plasma/red cell interface by reacting to the density of each layer. Under centrifugal forces, the buoy will �float� within the tube to the optimum interface point of the red cell/�buffy coat� layer. The optimum interface point is found regardless of the hematocrit of the patient, ensuring a consistently high platelet count for each spin.

Plasmax® Plasma Concentration System is used along with GPS® III Mini Concentration Separation Kit to provide a safe, rapid preparation of concentrated platelet poor plasma (PPP). The concentrated PPPs can be mixed with autograft and allograft bone prior to application in an orthopedic surgical site.

The BioCUE™ Platelet Concentration System is an evolution in bone grafting. The BioCUE™ System is designed to aspirate bone marrow and whole blood, process in the GPS® system, and produce an output to hydrate the surgeons' choice of autograft and/or allograft.

The bone marrow aspirate needle, provided by the BioCUE™ System has 6 holes at the distal tip, a stylet with a trocar point for penetration of the cortical bone into the bone marrow cavity, and a stylet with a blunt tip for easy movement within the bone marrow cavity.

Blood draw components are provided for the aspiration of whole blood, using standard venipuncture techniques.

Bone marrow can be obtained from a variety of anatomical locations, including: the iliac Crest (anterior and posterior approach), vertebral bodies, the calcaneus, both proximal and distal tibia, both proximal and distal femur, and the proximal humerus.

The Clotalyst® Autologous Serum Collection System provides the surgeon an autologous product for mixing with platelet rich plasma (PRP) and autograft or allograft for bone graft handling prior to application in an orthopedic surgical site.

The Clotalyst® Autologous Serum Collection System produces approximately 6ml of autologous serum from 12 ml of patients' own citrated blood. It is designed to clot in less than 15 seconds, and can be mixed with PRP produced by the GPS® II system.

Bonus II® Demineralized Bone Matrix is processed human bone that has been demineralized and combined with human collagen-derived carrier from the same donor. The final demineralized bone matrix is in a freeze-dried state.

Bonus II® DBM may be used with orthopedic, spinal, reconstructive, craniofacial, maxillofacial, and periodontal bone grafting procedures. It can be used alone, or in combination with autologous bone, or in other forms of allogeneic bone in grafting procedures. It can be used, or hydrated, with autologous blood, bone marrow aspirate, or autologous bone derived products such as platelet rich plasma, and platelet poor plasma.